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Common Questions

Q. How much will I need to invest?

The estimated cost of operating an Extreme Pizza ranges from $216,000 - $469,300. It is important to note that these costs are estimates only. Actual costs will vary from market to market.

Q. Does Extreme Pizza provide financing?

Unfortunately we cannot provide business loans to prospective franchises. Extreme Pizza does however work with several third-party Traditional loan, SBA, 401K and Unsecured lending professionals. These franchise funding specialists provide candidates with complete business loan services and do so at highly competitive fees and interest rates.

Business loans do not have to take months of paperwork. Unlike working direct with a bank, when using a franchise funding specialist, qualified candidates can be approved in just a few days. With approval in hand, you can elect to proceed immediately with your Extreme Pizza franchise and site selection.

Q. What is the initial franchise fee?

The Extreme Pizza fee structure favors the multi-unit developer and is scheduled as follows: $30,000 for your first location, $20,000 for your second location, and $15,000 for each additional location - when signed at the same time. Only 50% of the franchise fee for the second and additional units are due upon signing of the franchise agreement (i.e. 3 units $65,000 / $47,500 due at signing).

Q. What are the ongoing fees while owning an Extreme Pizza?

There is an on-going royalty fee of 5% of sales and an on-going brand advertising and design fee of 1%.

Q. Will Extreme Pizza find me a location?

Absolutely. Once an approved franchisee, Extreme Pizza® will assist you in every way possible to select the ideal site for your new restaurant. The Extreme Team will work with qualified real estate professionals who know your market, your needs and our specific site criteria. Beginning with restaurant conversions, every appropriate location in your market will be examined for a possible fit. After a likely site(s) is found, the Extreme Team will visit the site, examine the dynamics and provide an approval. Once approved, the Extreme Team will assist with lease negotiations, restaurant design and construction.

Q. Do you offer Area Representative and Master Franchises?

Yes. Area Representative and International Master Franchise structures will be considered for qualified candidates. Development fees will be based on the size and unit potential of the define territory.

Q. Do I need a restaurant experience to be successful?

While restaurant experience is always beneficial, it is not required. Years of experience have shown us that hard work (lots of it), familiarity with the trade area, enthusiasm and passion are most important factors to successfully operate one or more restaurants to our high standards.

The Extreme Team is completely dedicated to working with you to design, develop and maintain multiple high-performing Extreme Pizza restaurants. We trust you will share that same dedication.

Q. How much training will I need?

All franchisees receive a comprehensive training which includes classroom and in-store training covering everything from hiring, employee development, food preparation, bookkeeping, customer service, management and advertising. Four weeks of training will take place in our corporate training facility in San Francisco with an additional two weeks of training in your new location just prior to opening. Additional assistance will be provided as needed and as determined by Extreme Pizza and business coaches.

Q. Do I buy equipment and supplies from Extreme Pizza?

Although we fully support purchasing, we will provide you with specifications and you then have the freedom to purchase directly from approved equipment suppliers. To maintain consistent quality and our historically low food costs, all franchisees use our leveraged company buying power to purchase direct from our approved food distributor which services every market in the United States and Canada.

Q. How long does it take to open a restaurant?

It depends on multiple factors. The biggest variable is the ease in locating and negotiating a quality site. Remember it's all about location, location, location.

Given the importance of a great location, we like to spend the right amount of time finding the best spot for your restaurant. After a location is found and a lease is negotiated and signed, we will have a better picture of an opening date. Typically, once the lease is signed, a store can be opened within 3 months.

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